Why are MyToothly tabs good for your teeth?

Having tooth decay is never desirable for anybody. If you are too conscious about your oral hygiene then having the best products would surely be your preference. This article features a few ingredients that we use in MyToothly toothpaste tabs with endless benefits for your oral hygiene.   



Your teeth can develop dental caries that tend to be unhealthy as well as damaging. These caries develop as a result of acid formulation from the bacteria in the mouth using carbohydrates in the food. Sorbitol turns out to offer one of the best solutions to prevent the bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Having no bacteria leads to no formulation of caries. The end result appears in the form of healthy teeth with no acid attacks and cavities. Products with Sorbitol must be brought into use for oral hygiene.



Kaolin is an ingredient that is rich with minerals and offers the required strength to the teeth. This super-effective element possesses the ability to enrich your teeth with the natural mineral content. Your teeth will acquire a white and well-polished look, all because of Kaolin. There are no known side-effects of using Kaolin and is completely natural & toxic-free plus it will detox your mouth and gums.  



You might have heard about the presence of Menthol in toothpastes and mouthwash. This is the very same ingredient that refreshes your teeth and gives you a cooling sensation upon its use. Menthol is the derivative of Peppermint. This is an all-natural ingredient and provides your teeth with the strength to cope with various oral damaging agents.


Calcium Carbonate

Many people test a lot of products to prevent teeth loss, but still end up losing teeth after some time. Our toothpaste tabs has Calcium Carbonate in it, and because of this you should be free from the worries of teeth loss. Calcium Carbonate promotes the tooth retention and gives your teeth the adequate amount of Calcium minerals. Tooth plague is a very common issue, especially if you are not using the right oral product. Now is the time to opt for our toothpaste tabs that contain Calcium Carbonate along with other natural ingredients.


Get MyToothly Tablets With All-Natural Ingredients

MyToothly offers a diverse range of products that contain highly effective ingredients like Menthol, Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, or Sorbitol. Choose the product that suits your needs the best either with or without fluoride. These products are free from all sorts of side-effects and toxic chemicals that could cause any harm to your teeth.