The reason MyToothly uses glass jars not plastic containers

 Plastic, we know, is durable. But this durability comes with a disadvantage as well. This durability makes plastic to maintain its composition in various forms. The production of plastic is being done on a massive scale each year. But chances are that most of the plastic products will be used once or twice in their lifetime. After use, they are disposed.Only a small fraction of plastic is recycled after use. Most of it is disposed without getting recycled at all.


Personal Care Products — Leading Cause of Plastic Pollution

Personal care products are quite common. Fashion enthusiasts dive due attention to the selection of cosmetic products that ensure optimal grooming, but not too many individuals are aware of the level of pollution that the plastic and chemicals of these products are spreading. The excessive use of plastic for the packaging of personal care products is all because of lightweight and flexibility offered by plastic. Too much plastic packaging is used for these products without giving any attention to eco-friendly measures. The industry of beauty and personal care is highly dependent on the use of plastic.

Deodorant can are made of hard plastic. The list goes on and on. Shampoo, conditioners, moisturisers, and endless other personal care products are the prime source of plastic pollution.

Disposal of toothpaste tubes is also a common source of plastic pollution which is overlooked. Excessive disposal of these toothpaste tubes and personal care products accumulates more and more plastic in the environment.


A Sneak Peek at Adverse Effects of Plastic Pollution

Oceans are the valuable resources of Earth. Water covers most of the Earth’s space. This excessively disposed plastic is thrown in the oceans to prevent it from accumulating on the land. Is this the solution? Absolutely not! The accumulation of plastic in oceans adversely affects the habitat of aquatic animals and even leads to fatal consequences. Plastic in the landfills does not remain confined there. This plastic somehow makes its way to our natural environment.

We love sea food. But little we know that the plastic we dispose carelessly can end up in our very own stomach in the form of micro plastics. This micro plastic makes its way into marine animals through oceans.


Final Takeaway

Durability and ease of use are the notable features of plastic that make it desirable. Cosmetic products and other plastic products of daily use must be recycled to prevent the unnecessary accumulation of plastic in our natural environment, however plastic is recyclable only a couple of times after that it is being thrown to landfills and oceans anyway.


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