Meet MyToothly


We are a couple of dreamers with a goal of changing the world. That is why we bring you a product that is gentle both to your teeth and to our planet thanks to our zero-waste packaging. It replaces the chemical-filled toothpastes fast and easy. MyToothly toothpaste tablets do not contain any chemicals and are made of natural ingredients. Our product development team is made up of dental experts and experienced chemists who focus on delivering the best experience for everyone.

What makes us exceptional is the fact that we are working towards cleaner teeth and cleaner Earth. Why we love MyToothly is because it doesn’t include things like chemicals, plastics nor any cruelty on animals or humans. Instead, it is fully packed with amazing all-natural ingredients and plus it is 100% vegan.

With over 140 tabs in each jar, you are efficiently replacing at least two toothpaste tubes. Our small glass jars are compact and perfect for having a permanent position in your bathroom but also easy to have on the go.

Even the simplest changes in our routine and day to day experiences can bring in tremendous results. All you have to do is to try and start making those changes today. Just consider swapping your regular toothpaste for MyToothly tabs and see for yourself.

 Grab your own MyToothly toothpaste tablets today and give them a try, we promise you will fall in love with them as well. You just crush them, brush, protect your teeth and save the world, it’s that easy!